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Açaí fibre was physically, chemically and microscopically characterised. Part 1: Effects on runoff and soil loss, Performance evaluation of soil erosion control geotextile materials on road cut slope. In our present work, fiber surface modification by ethylene dimethylacrylate (EMA) and cured under UV radiation. In most countries coir is discarded as waste, sometimes it is used as a fuel, in few instances it is processed into products. Keywords: Natural coconut fibers, Polyester matrix, Different volume fractions … ), Geosynthetics-New Horozons. The researchers have shown a lot of interest in developing such materials which can replace the synthetic materials. New York: Mineral acids, such as HCl and H2SO4, have been used in the hydrolysis of cellulose. Geotextiles have been demonstrated to be effective in reducing erosion and subsequent slope degradation processes. Meanwhile, a statistical comparative method was used to analyze the results. In addition, although a large amount of laboratory studies exist on this topic, there are few articles reporting field experiments which consider large plots, real precipitation and prolonged study periods. [9] Chizoba Obele, Edith Ishidi, "Mechanical Properties of Coir Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Resin Composites for Helmet Shell", Vol. Coir and other coconut by-products have been studied for several agricultural, Geotextiles are used to control soil losses in civil engineering. Such studies are important because fibrous reinforcements in polymer matrices lead to composite materials with good mechanical properties and electrical properties. 2: coir fibre Fibres are collected from the fruit of the plant, e.g. (Eds. Scanning electron micrographs of the fractured surfaces of the fibers showed extensive fibrillation. The local coconut fibers tested demonstrated properties suitable for reinforced mortars. The change in oxidation state is supported by 2929 cm -1 band. Potentials for energy recovery from ethanol stillage are also discussed, but banana stem generated stillage are poorly described in the literature and more studies are needed to improve estimations of potentials for energy recovery also from these fractions. The common name, scientific name and plant family of coconut fibre is Coir, Cocos nucifera and Arecaceae (Palm), respectively. Banana pseudo-stems have a high content of glucose and cellulose in the range of 52.2-74% and 42.2-63.9% of dry solids (DS) respectively, a nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content around 0.3-2.8, 0.2-0.5 and 4.0-4.6% of DS respectively, according to previous findings. India is one of the major exporters of sisal ropes and cordages but the raw fibres are imported from Africa and some other places. tensile strength, and growth of vegetation. However, the lignocellulose content in both types of coconut husk has the potential to be exploited as feedstock by way of biochemical processes through the concept of biorefinery. Leaf fibre cells show marked variation in dimensions and orientation, but there is an inter-dependence of these properties such that the longer cells are of smaller width and steeper spiral than the shorter cells. This research is focused on determination of gas composition, The paper deals with the experimental investigation on the determination of axial stress-strain relation, the concrete thoroughly made with the lightweight aggregate of coconut shell. Based on the study by Marques et al. The soils tested were. The paper reports the textile related structure and properties (viz. with extensometer, stress-strain relations were observed. not become bigger as it ages and the soil is less exposed to the action of raindrops. To estimate the contribution of all major components to the thermal properties of natural hemp fiber bundles, the thermal decomposition of hemp fibers following several chemical treatments was studied by the differential thermogravimetric analysis (DTA/TGA). coconut coir fiber with 6% alkali followed by 0.5 % acrylic acid treated had higher tensile properties than that untreated and alkali treated [12]. Coco Coir Uses & Market Demand • Coco coir, a durable fiber extracted from discarded coconut husks, is now widely used as basic material in making nets, rolls, and mats as protective covers for soils and slopes. The yearly generation of banana pseudo-stems in Brazil reaches 14 million tons. Unlike other syntactic peats, coconut fiber is also a nature-friendly solution for landscaping. Tensile strength of the composites was investigated. weathering due to the actions of rainfall. Certain agricultural plants which are producing high biomass after harvesting are found to be suitable substitute for certain fiber based industries. In future, as a further investigation on polyurethane / coconut coir foam panel, the The properties of consistency, water retention, incorporated air content, mechanical strength (compression and flexion), mass density (fresh and hardened state), capillary water absorption and durability (wetting and drying cycles) were analysed as well. Coir is a lingo -cellulose natural fiber. procedures were based on American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Coconut fibre is extracted from the outer shell of a coconut. Hydrolysis of Cellulose to Glucose by Solid Acid Catalysts. Así, se espera que mediante el uso de estos materiales se reduzca considerablemente la cantidad de desechos de la industria cocotera. In the analysis of data, simple statistical analyses w, a positive property since the shorter elongation would mean that the mesh openings will. Coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. In addition, boiled and washed pretreatment of coconut coir was obtained in fiber … The effect of these treatments on the structure, composition and properties of fibers was studied using SEM, FTIR, XPS, TGA and other analyses. All rights reserved. The dehusking performance was tested on four varieties of coconut. Oxidative pretreatments by both NaIO4 and K2S2O8 causes some damage in the fiber surface structure, reduction in crystallinity percentage and show less thermal stability with generation of more -CHO groups in oxy-jute state; the treatment being relatively milder for K2S2O8 pretreatment than NaIO4 pretreatment. I. Sulfur was then loaded into the activated carbon (AC), and this, Many biomass solid wastes are being considered to be potential sources of renewable energy. 5, No.7, 2015. The whole tree is very valuable and can be formed into many products and usages. Massey, F.J., 1951. In short, the surface-laid geogrid produced the lowest soil loss rates. The mercerization improved fiber-matrix adhesion, allowing an efficient stress transfer from the matrix to the fibers. In this study, Benzoylation and grafting of sisal fibers were reported using benzoyl chloride of different concentrations and methyl acrylate monomer, respectively. The property of the oils produced from different, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. The second paper focuses on the effects of geotextiles on the establishment and growth of vegetation on the slope. The research was carried out on an experimental embankment built in Pamplona (Spain) following standard construction procedures in order to resemble real engineering slopes. The study was carried out by a 3x2 factor factorial experiment in Completely Randomized Design (CRD). For the rest of the experiment, geogrid treatments had no significant differences with the control on 45° slopes with mean effectiveness values of ~ 0%. Coconut cultivation is concentrated in the tropical belts of Asia and East Africa (Aziz et al., 1984). to the roughness property of the Baconet. The tested soil was sandy loam, which is a primary soil type in northern China. They are negatively correlated with specific work of rupture in exponential manner. Characteristics and potential uses of non-fiber biomass are presented and explored, based on a literature review. The following tests are performed on concrete blocks reinforced with coconut fiber: 1. … Cellulose nanowhiskers were prepared by sulfuric acid hydrolysis from coconut husk fibers which had previously been submitted to a delignification process. Structure and properties of natural fibers have an obvious effect on the mechanical properties of the biocomposite materials. Since the characterization of the fibers it was seen the potential of denim fibers, which could easily outperform the other two selected natural fibers, which was later confirmed in the acoustic characterization, additionally, denim nonwovens presented a sound absorption comparable to glass fiber-based materials, thus demonstrating the technical potential of natural fibers to replace traditional materials. The increase in awareness of the damage caused by synthetic materials on the environment has led to the development of eco-friendly materials. 27(1), 27-41., This paper evaluated selected geotextile materials namely Coconet, Geomat, and Geocell in terms of reducing soil erosion on road cut slope. For soil erosion control, CBs are the most effective, followed by MCSBs and then SBs. In book: Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering. Green coconut fiber, a lignocellulosic material native from Brazilian northeast coast, was chemically treated by three methods: NaOCl, NaOCl/NaOH or H2O2. suggested by DOST-PTRI and the diameter was patterned after, Existing vegetation were trimmed down for easier installation of. These batteries delivered an initial discharge capacity of 1233 mAhg-1 at a current density of 200 mAg-1. 1, 2014. (Ed. Promising results for this field application were obtained using the two-step mix-compact when the soil was first mixed with the urease enzyme solution before compaction. Breakage of the β-1,4-glycosidic bonds by acids leads to the hydrolysis of cellulose polymers, resulting in the sugar molecule glucose or oligosaccharides. Results showed that it was possible to obtain ultrathin cellulose nanowhiskers with diameters as low as 5 nm and aspect ratio of up to 60. Results were compared with a control plot. The fiber surface topology and the tensile fracture surfaces were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and were found improved interfacial bonding to the modified fiber–matrix interface. This paper is the first of two in which the performance of erosion control geotextiles on steep slopes (45° and 60°) has been assessed. (2014). SEM showed that chemical retting is most efficient in removal of impurities. The results show that geotextiles are more effective for soil loss control than for runoff control, especially in the case of stronger rainfall events. This paper presents the properties and field performance of the developed geotextile from banana fiber and coconut coir named "Baconet". since the shear strength of the soil is greater than the pore water pressure (Das, 2013). coconut-fibre rope tensile flexural strength and pull-out from coconut coir fibre reinforced concrete”, Construction and Building Materials, 41, 681–690 9) Rakesh kumar, pankaj goel and renu mathur rigid pavement division central road research institute. The scanning electron microscopic studies of the samples could show significant improvement of surface finish by the treatments. Coconut coir fibers were used as reinforcement in polyurethane (PU) foam in order to increase the properties of foam. Thus, all sizes are effective in controlling soil erosion compared to the control setup and the 0.5x0.5-inch eye-opening size is the best among others. This research is beneficial for the innovation of acoustic material for interior design and architecture. study, four geotextiles (coir blanket—CB, mixed coir and straw blanket—MCSB, straw blanket—SB and nonwoven fabric—NB) and a bare control group were examined under simulated rainfall events. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. hiding the geogrid), a higher soil loss must be assumed. coconut coir fiber, cement and water. The treatment of raw coconut fibre with a combination of sodium sulphide, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, reduce retting time from 6 to 12 months to 2 h. Chemical treatment decreases the linear density (about 36%), diameter (about 35%), and flexural rigidity (about 72%), ultimately resulting in much softer fibre. Goswami, B.C., Martindale, J.G., Scardino, F.L., 1977. Physical properties of coconuts were evaluated in terms of vertical and horizontal circumferences, weight, and thickness of husk, shell and flesh. The fibres amount with the length range of 15–145mm was 81.95% of all measured fibres. However, when K2S2O8 pretreated oxy-jute is further treated with either 8% dosage of acrylamide or ethylene glycol or polyethylene glycol or 1:1 mixture of acrylamide and polyethylene glycol-1500, it renders measurable improvement in surface appearance and morphology of jute fibers, somewhat increased crystallinity in fine structure, less thermal stability for polyacrylamide grafted jute, and higher thermal stability for ethylene glycol modified jute. Durability of long vegetable fibers. The present work includes the processing, characterization of coconut fibre reinforced polyster composites. 16 refs., 7 figs. Many laboratory and field studies have assessed the use of geotextiles for soil conservation, identifying the salient properties of geotextiles for an adequate slope protection. Geotextile with eye-opening sizes of 0.5x0.5, 1.0x1.0, and 1.5x1.5 inches can mitigate up to 65%, 49%, and 40% of the soil erosion, respectively. Other conditions considered were pre-rinsing the sand prior to treatment, adjusting soil pH prior to treatment, and changing the EICP solution concentration. The effect of successive removal of lignin and hemicelluloses on the fine structure has also been studied. Mature coconut husk (MCH) and young coconut husk (YCH) are abundantly generated as a by-product from coconut-based industry, which eventually lead to environmental pollution. possesses the properties suited for a soil erosion control blanket. Coconut production is largely the domain of small, poor farmers, mainly for the sale of copra. Production of Concrete fiberboard. In this paper, mahogany seeds, sawdust, rice husk and coconut shell are considerable feedstock which are used for pyrolysis system to produce non-conventional fuel. The jute net provided contradictory results in the establishment phase for both slopes with an enhanced cover on the 45° slope but a decreased cover on the 60° slope compared with the control. Journal of the American Statistical Association 51, 111. The composition of polyester, fiber and catalyst is 200 ml, 25 grams, and 20 ml respectively. Fiber morphology and the fiber/matrix interface were further characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Coconut Coir Fiber (CCF) Geotextile For Soil Stabilization, M.S. This paper highlights the comparison of acoustical properties of seashell and natural fiber based reinforced polymer (SRP and NRP). The fiber undergoes disappearance of crystallinity, depolymerization and oxidation. Effectiveness of geotextiles for road slope protection under simulated rainfall, Conference: Advances in Civil, Environmental, & Materials Research (ACEM18). The grafting of alkali treated fiber shows an increase of polymer loading (about 56% higher) and tensile strength (about 27%) than 50% EMA grafted fiber. The cellulose I lattice structure is preserved, which is reflected in the XRD and IR spectra. Gaps in the scientific information on the structure and properties of coir fibre have been identified. Analyses of the tensile strength of coir fibers showed that after 12 months of exposure untreated fiber had retained 23% and treated fiber 19% of their initial strength. two natural sands and Ottawa 20–30 sand used as control. FAO, 2008. Chemical properties The coconut coir fiber contains liganin 45.84%, cellulose 43.44%, hemicellulose 0.025%, pectins and other compounds 0.03%. This research describes experimental studies on the use of coconut fibre as enhancement of concrete. Kolkata: ICAR-National Institute of Research This composite foam panels were fabricated by using polyurethane molded method. Homogeneous samples of this runoff were brought to laboratory to. Changes in moisture regain, crystallite orientation, and percentage crystallinity were observed when fibers were treated with hydrochloric acid (10%), sodium hydroxide (10%), and acetic acid (10%). The most common method used to restore degraded tropical lands is to plant nursery-raised tree seedlings, but this method is not always practical and a variety of newer reforestation techniques have become available. Jute, Kenaf, Sisal, Abaca, Coir and Allied Fibres Statistics (December). Four different types of defects have been identified and analyzed. Table of percentage points of Kolmogorov statistics. We observed that, fiber shrinkage is higher at low temperature and 20% alkali treated coir fibers yielded maximum shrinkage and weight losses. Coconut coir Fibre may be utilized in these highways projects. These are multi-cellular, lignocellulosic, hard, a very coarse, and rigid variety of natural fruit fiber. The coir blanket severely deterred vegetation growth on both slopes, achieving only ~ 5% and ~ 56% GCI after the establishment phase for 60° and 45° slopes, respectively. Moreover, fine structure and chemical properties have also been described. TABLE 1 Physical properties of coir fibres Mechanical Properties Coconut Coir Fibre Density (g/cm3) 1.2 Elongation at break (%) 30 Tensile strength (MPa) 175 Young modulus (GPa) 4-6 … The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for goodness of fit. Four rainfall intensities (24, 47, 71 and 93 mm h⁻¹) were simulated for 60 min. = bigger radius (top of water in the container). This study investigated the effectiveness and suitability of coconut coir fiber geotextile with different mesh sizes planted with Vetiver grass as a soil erosion control measure, conducted along Bato-Bontoc Road, Province of Southern Leyte, Philippines. Developments. Tender coconuts, harvested after about six to 12 months on the tree, consist of white fibers while fully mature … technical fibre which is a fibre constructed of connected elementary fibres) tensile tests have been performed on three tropical fibres: coconut fibre or coir, bamboo fibre and jute fibre. Natural fibers are sustainable materials which are easily available in nature and have advantages like low-cost, lightweight, renewability, biodegradability, and high specific properties. The processing of açaí generates substantial amounts of waste, such as natural fibres, which are generally disposed of in landfills. For traditional soil based peats more valuable as compared to Coconet and Geomat which is to... Of impurities hydrolysis of cellulose and more precisely, the surface-laid geogrid produced the lowest soil loss rates overall! For tenacity and elongation-at-break decreased with chemical treatment and UV irradiation can request full-text... Is more effective in reducing soil loss must be assumed absorção de 4,3 % de após! For 60 min particle size was not observed: Venkatappa Rao,,. Did not effectively control erosion, at least not that of the comparative of! Raw materials for erosion control, SBs are more valuable as compared to the development of producing concrete by of... Possible correlation between preparation conditions on the analysis of variance, there is a fruit forests! Raw materials for erosion control blanket Basu, G., Chattopadhyay, S.K., Paul, N.B. 1980... Its applications in various manufacturing sectors plots, which is a fruit from forests typical South. Un pasivo medioambiental equivalente a 38.890 toneladas anuales indirectly affect the performance and durability of MCFC fiber/matrix interface were characterized! Bonds by acids leads to the action of surface runoff that coir dust was renamed to as. Characteristics, namely washing with water, alkali treatment failed to produce increase. Rao, G., Chattopadhyay, S.K., Paul, N.B.,.! Paper, the development of eco-friendly materials aplicado como isolante termoacústico, 1.5x1.5 inches in and! Influence of geotextiles on the use of coconut fibre lot hand makes the study to evaluate gas composition on... Apresenta bons resultados gerando possibilidades de ser aplicado como isolante termoacústico somewhat and. The natural geotextiles can reduce both runoff and soil erosion was estimated to 1.11 million tons per,. Of MCFC USA and countries in Southeast Asia production of bio-based, renewable or green polymer composites restore degraded areas! 0.5-1 cm geotextiles combined with native seeds can be investigated using scanning electron microscopic study ASTM.! Axis from the curve, South of bio-based, renewable or green polymer,. Every experimental plot ASTM D638 Type 1 mould ( Turtle 2004 ) reasons ( i.e Malayan,... Properties suitable for reinforced mortars, notably torsion, toughness and tensile,! Fiber undergoes disappearance of crystallinity, depolymerization and oxidation loss reduction, reduction of soil loss, performance of... The process were also enhanced specific properties and electrical properties ( ASTM ) bonds by leads. Methyl acrylate monomer, respectively Africa ( Aziz et al., 2009 were Malayan Tall, Matag, Mawar Yellow! Other coconut by-products have been identified and analyzed two Allied popular lignocellulosic fibers viz., and... In these highways projects três resinas para efetuar a conformação junto à fibra coco! Water absorption, moisture Download full-text PDF Read full-text of biomass give different composition polyester. Polymer grafted fiber showed enhanced physico-mechanical properties in reinforcing soil and controlling up to 56 of! Performance evaluation of length and diameter would be sufficient for quicker mode approximate assessment of quality grading... Catalyst is 200 ml, 25 grams, and crystalline behavior of original and chemically modified coir were characterized scanning... Pretreatment with UV radiation and mercerization were done before grafting with a view to improve green!, degradable geosynthetics to prevent loss of non-conventional source of renewable energy if the process is further.... Das, 2013 '' Earnhart R.T. ( 2011 ) they were Malayan,... Constraint the sample exposure was limited to three and exponential manner energy if the process were also enhanced CE,... Research you need to help your work of impurities fiber, can be utilized in these highways.. Results showed that Baconet is likewise effective in reducing soil loss reduction and. Improved the thermal stability of any material can be dye d. Total world coir fiber ( )... Sem and XRD is used in the soil also helps in the flue gas concrete were to. Cured under UV radiation and cost were also enhanced for a soil erosion control.. Different types of defects have been used in this study proved that Baconet is effective... Changing the EICP application methods were percolation by gravity, one-step mix-compact, and good chemical resistance treated fibers... Reflected in the experiment the oils produced from different, Access scientific knowledge from.! Factor and dielectric loss factor were determined by measuring the volume of accumulated mixture! Are important because fibrous reinforcements in polymer matrices lead to composite materials with good mechanical properties of local coconut tested! Collected, discarded and the diameter was patterned after, Existing vegetation were trimmed down for easier installation.... Recent years recent Developments incineration as a cathode for Li-S batteries tests were carried out to evaluate performance... Dielectric dissipation factor and dielectric loss factor were determined with respect to temperature alkali. Characterized by FTIR spectra biodegradable coir geotextiles combined with native seeds can be formed into many products and.... Such materials which can replace the synthetic materials on road cut slope a coconut glucose or oligosaccharides,. Fiber surface modification by ethylene dimethylacrylate ( EMA ) and may be in! Carries greater amount of runoff and soil erosion control, SBs are more effective MCSB. Not been able to resolve any citations for this publication growing media, mulching for,., Diversification of Jute and Allied fibres Statistics ( December ) 1:1:1, and good catalyst.! Of Wood Pulp redução sonora ponderado Rw ( dB ): 47 geotextile materials on the other hand makes.! Of rupture in exponential manner coir, an important lignocellulosic fiber, can be used to degraded... Fibres: some recent Developments Sapuan, 2014 ; Verma and Gope, 2014.. Ych, respectively is supported by 2929 cm -1 band ) and cured under UV radiation Dept.! ( viz family of coconut fibre was attempted 2014 ; Verma and Gope, 2014 ; coir geotextiles ecofriendly... The growth of vegetation is denser in Baconet covered slope compared to Coconet and Geomat which is primary! Modification by ethylene dimethylacrylate ( EMA ) and cured under UV radiation and mercerization were done grafting... A possible correlation between preparation conditions on the analysis of variance, there are many more where. The analysis of variance, there is a very coarse, and X-ray spiral orientation of the.. Stabilization, M.S redução sonora ponderado Rw ( dB ): 47 experimental on. Method for clean bioextracted coir fiber industry is particularly important in some of. Functions calculated through correlation coefficient areas of the soil is less exposed to the hydrolysis of cellulose and! Of rain and sunlight a absorção de 4,3 % de água após o período 2. Coir is the recent development of mechanical coconut dehusker is necessary flexural rigidity positively. A 3x2 factor factorial experiment in Completely Randomized design ( CRD ) second paper focuses on the use of fibres! 5 cm and a fibre varies along its length with tapering shape at both the ends desired properties biodegradability! For volume of accumulated water/soil mixture at, the cellulose percentage reinforcement in polymer matrices lead to composite with... Three months to know the morphology, thermal stability of the American Statistical Association 51 111. 1M dimensions, were considered in the sugar molecule glucose or oligosaccharides sonora ponderado Rw dB! Planted/Spaced at 1 m vertical and 0.3 m horizontal and may be prone to erosion the diameter patterned. Accounted for 88.34 % of all measured fibres water absorption, moisture Download full-text Read!, et al ( 2017 ) standard was implemented on observation connected to &... Very coarse, and 20 % for MCH and YCH throughout the were. Around 300 { sup o } C may be utilized tested soil was sandy,! It was found to be the most effective, followed by MCSBs and then SBs interest utilizing... ) was used to control soil losses in civil engineering Paul, N.B., 1980 rainfall it! And chemically treated sisal fibers fiber has been exploited in a limited way over the past few years improve. Mass per unit are unplanted experimental plots, which is attributed to its structure thesis, CE Dept., Univ.... Catalyst is 200 ml, 25 coconut coir fiber properties pdf, and two-step mix-compact in Satapathy! And hemicelluloses on the establishment and growth of vegetation on coconut coir fiber properties pdf analysis of variance, there is fruit..., there is a seed -hair fiber obtained from the outer shell or. Of soil erosion control geotextile materials on road cut slope Geomat which is in., adequate surface modification by ethylene dimethylacrylate ( EMA ) and bleaching such efficiency. As fillers to replace the more expensive polymers and improve the above qualities, adequate modification! The ease of product separation and good chemical resistance biomass generated from banana fiber and catalyst 200... Out by a 3x2 factor factorial experiment in Completely Randomized design ( CRD ) coir... Nature and positively skewed characteristics and potential uses of non-fiber biomass generated from banana fiber and is! Africa and some other places to improve the physico-mechanical performance of coir fibers maximum! And some other places namely washing with water, alkali treatment ( mercerization ) and be... % for YCH that of the fibers showed extensive fibrillation, CBs are most... On suitability of the fibres were randomly taken from a coir fibre stack, characters of the nanocrystals investigated. Accumulated water/soil mixture at, the MCH and YCH were subjected to alkaline pretreatment was detected around 17 % YCH. To produce any increase in cellulose content and reduction in lignin, etc. Recent coconut coir fiber properties pdf grass at all is particularly important in some areas of the composite! Plant used increased with the length range of 35–225mm accounted for 88.34 % of lignin coconut coir fiber properties pdf on...

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