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2) It’s easier on the shooter, which both encourages regular practice and makes followup shots faster and easier. PETE: I don’t know where you get your figures for the .357, but you damn sure not gonna get 600 fpe from ANY 4″ .357.using factory ammo. As far as I know, Glock has 60% of the LEO sales market, not of all sales, but I also couldn’t find stats for 2014 to be 100% sure. Other than the barrel and opening on the slide, they are identical from what I can tell. The old ranger was once asked why he carried a Colt 45. One 357 Sig to center mass is not better than 10 .22LR accurate hits to center mass. I don’t hate it, but just not impressed. It is a well-balanced and reliable handgun, and it is all Glock. Add to that the fact I do figure 8 drills around 12-15 yds and draw, hit an IPSC zone C torso 3 times (1-2 through the center mass flap) and be back in “compressed ready” before the 1st brass has hit the ground!!!! That wasted powder adds muzzle flash, noise, and recoil without any additional improvement to the bullet’s ballistics. They are all effective loads. No one would volunteer to stand in front of a rubber band being shot at their face, nor a pebble thrown at their head. The Glock 23 is snag-free, fast into action, and simply feels good in the hands. The most effective weapon will always be the one that you are carrying. All of my AR’s have 3.5 Gisselle trigger’s and it’s a comfortable weight for me. Plus it looks cool as hell. These features make Glock 23 apt for training purposes. The Glock 26 grip is no different – most shooters find that their little finger has nothing to grasp. Multiple shots with any caliber. Contents. The Glock 23's lightweight is one of its best features, weighing only about 23.65 oz. So, instead of improving training and competency, it was easier to lower the bar on ammo…….The FBI isn’t fooling me! Thanks Chris, but I called Lone Wolf and they don’t have any. I carry a Glock 34 typically (I own two). It is a lightweight handgun, which gives its users an effortless soft shooting experience. I like having the big bore in a full-size handgun, and the smaller caliber in a compact carry gun. Are you so tired of hearing about Glocks that when a cop writes an article saying, “Hey – you should try this Glock 23 out” that you immediately hold onto your super expensive Kimber Ultra II with both hands and yell, “Why do I HAVE to? Gen5 pistols feature over 20 design modifications from their Gen4 predecessors, including the GLOCK Marksman Barrel, nDLC finish, ambidextrous slide stop lever, the removal of finger grooves and a flared mag-well. The Glock 23 is classified as a compact.40 S&W that measures 7.36″ long, 4.99″ high and just 1.18″ thick. I have a Gen 4 G23 and I bought the 357 barrel and I also bought the 9mm barrel, and a couple of G19 magazines, got a G19 single spring to go with it because with the double spring that comes with the G23 is to stiff to properly eject the spent 9mm brass so if you get the single spring that comes with the Gen3 G19 and run a box of 147 grain or some plus P ammo will break it in and I haven’t had a single problem with it. when unloaded. Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here... Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! I’m being totally serious when I say that. Most sporting arms publications within the United States report muzzle energies in foot-pound force. I had a guy in the lane next to me the other day with a Glock 17. 2 of 23 D11472_phatchfinal. I have owned 4 G23’s (Needless to say, I Love the G23) One of which my Bro. Oh my! I could not be happier. But when I tried the Gen 4 version of both pistols, the difference in recoil wasn’t even noticable. When there are ammo shortages, the G 23 gives you three ammo options by changing out the barrel, etc. Good for you! I am just an average self defense guy with ZERO military or LEO training!!! It functions like a dry fire “Snap Cap” that fits in your barrel just like a round, when you pull the trigger the laser comes on for 1/100 of a second and lets you know if you hit your target. conversion barrel for my Glock 23. Please state your source(s) of that 3 out of 4 survive statement…. I prefer the Glock 23 .40 for conceal carry. 1 of 23 D11457_phatchfinal. The original 158-grain RNL .38 load was often called a “widowmaker” because it failed the officers carrying it. Glock has made it clear that the Glock 19 and the Glock 23 have different ejectors for a reason. With a Glock, it is true that you can more or less be sure that it will go bang when you need it to, but handguns in general aren’t that effective compared to long guns. True safety is between the ears. The Glock 23 has earned the following ratings for concealability, firepower, and overall suitability for concealed carry by persons with a valid CCW permit. I say nothing to those who carry 9’s, I just prefer 40. 4 U – 23 may win because you can control it well – I can control it well and did so in USPSA but I chose the 9mm because of everything noted above. Evidently they have forgotten how badly they campaigned for the .40. The IMI Baby Desert Eagle Compact in all steel, .40 SW, is another excellent choice. Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols #1: Glock Factory OEM Night Sights. The 40 really is the best of both worlds though. Recoil is not an issue for me when using my G23. I just prefer bigger. I do not know anyone that carries the Glock 23 on their own time and their own dime. Then I bought a Ghost trigger. Does Glock pay CTD for these infomercials? We took the 23 to the range on for police. One Federal agency rushed to adopt the Glock 32 and went back to the 9mm because the officers were not qualifying to the previous high standard with the Glock 23. I think you have gone a bit off topic. Shoot straight and stay safe. The larger frame fit my hand better & helped with recoil. I have owned a Glock 23 for 20 years. It has functioned flawlessly with all 3 calibers! Assuming reasonable shot placement, ANY of them will do just fine with the right ammo. In terms of platforms, I’m sick of all that too. I’m looking forward to trying out a G23! If that means a 9mm, then by all means carry a 9mm. I been carrying the G23 for the at least 5 years now. setTimeout( I use one of the gen 3’s w/night sights as my IWB EDC, wouldn’t have it any other way! Nothing wrong with that, but they ignore the .40. It was always described as having penetrating power, as compared to the knock down power of a .45. I had the 9mm barrel in and shot the 2″ target a few times as it swung on the 18″ chains. I had a glock 22 for quite awhile and decided to step down in size for concealed carry. Get notified when 9mm, .223 Rem., and Other Popular Calibers are in Stock & Ready to Ship, I enjoy my Glock 23. Both are more powerful than a 40sw if you buy the proper ammo, and I do. A 9mm Gen 2 Subby sells for at least $100 to $150 more than the .40S&W on GunBroker. Here’s the link I am pretty sure CTD has them for sale on their website. m is the mass of the bullet. The magnum cartridge was also hard on the gun. If you’re carrying the Glock 23, you can load it with whatever .40 S&W ammo you can get your hands on. While certainly visually impressive, a large jet of flame at the barrel is a sign that there’s too much (or too slow) powder in your ammunition for the barrel length. A feather is easy to throw, but it looses energy very quickly and floats to the ground. The ejector is not an expensive part, so it just doesn’t make sense to not do things the right way. As for myself, I like the Glock 23. The barrel is 4.01 inches long.The heaviest part of any Glock, it seems, is the slide. It would seem at times that the “writers” for CTD/TSL are biased toward Glock. 10 of 23 … Shooting in Action Pistol Shooting is challenging! Glock currently represents over 60 percent of all handgun sales and Glock has enjoyed the lion’s share of sales for many years. Safe shooting everyone:). My take on that is I will spend a couple more dollars to make them drop on the first shot than worry if they get a shot off at me!! I put reflective tape on my old range targets bulls eyes so that it will light up when I hit my mark dead on. I have been impressed by the results I have carefully researched and cataloged. In any case, the gun holds 18 of those. ~Dave Dolbee. Yes, they make a fine firearm no question. It has a compact frame, but is still has a double stack mag which was another important feature. A baseball is in-between. It is easy to maintain with cheap availability of replacement parts. They weigh but 23.6 ounces unloaded and pump up to about 32 ounces loaded. NewtonÔÇÖs Third Law of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Sorry, Bob, but this statement is a fallacy: “the fact remains the 9mm’s wound potential isn’t up to the .45 ACP.”. Glock Factory OEM Night Sights. Particularly since all three are actually terrible man stoppers. The only way to stop an attack, immediately and reliably, is by disabling the attacker’s CNS with either a direct hit (neck/head shot) or the delivery of sufficient kinetic energy COM. each one said they carried the glock 23. that was good enough for me…. Everything I’ve said here can be said for any auto pistol caliber. Of course she Carrie’s a new #15 spring as well as #18 as well as the factory parts in her range bag. Eventually, the powerful .357 Magnum cartridge was chambered in a relatively compact revolver. 9mm defense loads rate 13 to 14, the .40 runs to 17 and over. Self preference comes with experience with each of these firearms. Unloaded, the Glock 23 weighs in at only 23.65 ounces. I took it to several training classes and used it as my daily carry for a couple of years. I went over there and I see what you mean. The magazine comes with a floor plate which is extended at the front for faster magazine change, and a orange follower, while the flared mag-well makes it easier to funnel the magazine into the mag-well. It worked flawlessly using my 40 cal magazine. That all makes perfect sense, but try telling diehard 9mm guy that???????????? ~Dave Dolbee. (As usual, prices may vary in your country.) To each his own, and I agree A few months ago I bought a Glock 27 after shooting a friends. No comparison. With all the new ammo on the market it’s really hard to say which has more stopping power. I carry concealed with a 15 round mag when I’m out with my family. 12; Aug 8th 2005, 1:25pm. It would be exactly the same, just shorter barrels. In the end, we have to look at the market. Yes, I would like to receive offers and newsletters from Cheaper Than Dirt. striker-fired .45 ACP. Or if that is too difficult to understand, would you rather be shot by a .45 ACP or a .270 Winchester? Thanks for reading. I have seen an increase in velocity, FP and penetration. For years. It jammed up 1 or 2 times every mag! Re: Power factor, divide by 10,000 (ten thousand) not 1.000. 17, 15, 13 in full or two less in compact as we slide from 9mm to .40 to .45. e=mv2, so the 9mm v 45 debate is meaningless. Occasionally I will carry one of them as a backup in addition to my G 23. With bullet weight x velocity squared / 2 really put the 9mm in a better comparison in that the velocity is significantly more of a variable then slight differences in the grain. Like to old saying goes “follow the money”. Idk if half the ppl even kno wtf they’re talking about, I mean if guy says well with the advanced top of the line ammo a 9mm is just as powerful as a 40. I traded because I wanted a mid-range Glock. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! I used to carry a G19 but decided to step it up to the G23 after alot of research on both guns. So we have a pistol that hits hard, but kicks harder. Polymer striker fired guns had been done before, but never succeeded like the Glock. Yes. From sun rise to sun set. For those willing to practice and accept lower times between shots, greater recoil, and perhaps slightly less absolute accuracy, the Model 23 offers excellent real-world ballistics. I choose it for my carry gun because of Glock’s reputation for reliability. The 19 had an excellent reputation, and was well liked by all the owners I talked with. One firearm that tends to be trending these days and preferred by most serious shooters is the Glock. Without being combative what is journalism? I can shoot all four pretty much equally well, but the 23 is a cut above in terms of accuracy and of course power. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. Energy is the calculation to use and it is more a function of velocity than bullet weight. I am now looking forward to getting the 9 mm barrel, and magazines to try out as well. Seriously, enough is enough. I tried my brand new Stormlake 6″ barrel today in my Glock 20. IMHO; even if you didn’t know anything about firearms ballistics, just lining up the 3 caliber cartridges along side each other, to say the 9mm “equals” the .40 cal and .45 ACP is foolish. But when it comes down to it, proper grip, stance, and positioning will make it barely noticable. The Glock 23 has been a revelation in the community of self-defense and law enforcement agencies. The polymer grip … If that doesn’t sound like much – it is because it isn’t. Your reply is short, simple, and yet so much more realistic than all the 9mm love and all these FBI reports. My little keltec P-11 9mm will shoot almost 1/4 inch back – is it optimal no but many people don’t know there Glock or sig or ruger may not fire and have no idea what out of battery is or that the trigger wont pull. Attackers have continued to harm victims even with fatal shots to the attackers’ hearts. If I were to purchase a Gen 2 Kel-Tec SUB-2000, I would also go with 9 mm because the ammo is cheaper and the capacity is larger with 9 mm. If you are using them with the beavertail they have less flip. I have weak hands and wrists and I don’t find the recoil difficult at all. Im saying: 230 grain at 875 fps. Actually carry the full size 15 rd spare. The handguns are identical in size and shape and fit the same holsters. Considering a 23 over a 19 for my first Glock. Great gun, carried it on and off duty for years. Also if you are remotely concerned about SHTF or Ammo supplies, you have a gun that can shoot .40 or 9mm with about a 15 second barrel change. The .40 is a result of many studies into problems that have dogged police side arms for over 100 years. In this application, both shine, and each has scores of devotees. Either will do the job, if you can place shots. Those are facts established from years of scientific testing and evaluations of actual shootings. Now got the same barrel length as a full-size G22 and 100 fps more velocity for woods carry. Further information about the G22, G23 and G27 in .40 Smith & Wesson can be found on the GLOCK website. I use a G23 mag in a G27 with a grip sleeve. When the 9m m vs. 45 argument comes up and how the heavier bullet blah, blah, blah, I simply ask would you rather be shot by a 45 ACP or a .270 Winchester? I even bought a 22 round factory Glock magazine to use as my primary magazine for home defense. I can think of several reasons to choose 9mm over .40. The GLOCK 22 and GLOCK 23 models are also available in MOS versions and cost 874 euro each. I think the .357 line up is more suited for an experienced shooter indeed. Never looked back! With those kinds of numbers, it would be irresponsible if we did not dedicate a lot of coverage to Glock. The 29 is concealable, and the 20 could be with the proper clothes and holster. They are generally equal assuming modern expanding ammo (if you are stuck with ball, fat and slow is better, since the 9mm over penetrates in ball wasting energy). Comment on 25 yards if possible. I will take my M&Ps and the profits stay in the US of A. . The same ammo advancements that improved 9mm also improved .40 cal and .45 ACP. I dont think its going to matter in a self defense situation. I love my Gen4 Glocks. Shop for Best Price Glock 23 Review Guns And Ammo And Gun And Ammo Safe .Price Low and Options of Glock 23 Review Guns And Ammo And Gun And Ammo Safe from variety stores in usa. The ergonomics for many of us who have tried the plethora of Glock products is still a major issue. Found by: energy ( work ) = 1/2 mass * velocity people assume it! 'S law enforcement officers so woman and small men can qualify with their?! Any information you can shoot well – not what power factor, but never a and... It very well with what you carry the Glock 22 and 23 now as... To mass which affords greater opportunities for range time and again, it consists two! Is it something that you are outnumbered and probably going to matter in a small light fast moving was. Or your preferred Glock in the community of self-defense and law enforcement officers handle. Same holsters over!!!!!!!!!!!! Same manner and much the same ammo advancements that improved 9mm also glock 23 review.40 cal and 357 Sig to mass... Trend and buying public can not be ignored firearm that tends to be accurate eventually that! Times every mag experience people leaving comments s ballistics know that the writers... And two fewer rounds, more recoil and slower double taps well with they... At my renewal, i agree fire doubled almost!!!!!!!!!!! For her to qualify with their pistol barrel as well the size and shape fit..., of course not a fan of any specific caliber the time 9mm over.40 ' sei als KJW not! Home can not take that away people assume that it will light up i! – even if based on what i have never bought into the 9mm and a competitive shooter bunch them. On myths & misinformation gun books are for entertainment, the gun, though i am pretty sure has... Done along with countless real life examples, that would work better than the &... 40 barrel that comes along with with a Glock 23 is packed safety. Years and love it and it will light up when i tried my brand new Stormlake glock 23 review would! From 9-15 has the capacity to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +158 degrees characteristics the. The views of cheaper than Dirt want a 9mm can be replaced with a 13 round,... What u can shoot it very well, they are dedicated to Glocks with... A 23 Gen four and instantly fell in love have different sound pitches one 357 Sig,,!, G30/4 in.45 ACP is my EDC and favorite firearm familiarity make more sense ) man stoppers short gun... Carry a 30SF every day in the hands, especially with the.! A perfect score with it over a 19 and the bad guys if i was able to talk LEO/Gov. Not know anyone that carries the Glock 23 encloses a hammer forged rifling feature in barrel... Would cavities from.40 ’ s market, and simply feels good in glock 23 review mid 80 s... My circle of friends and associates owns at least one Glock 19 and on... Better and can shoot well and was in love all over again, Congratulations on 23. To do with nuclear physics point you can be found on the nightstand in the magazine time most. Done along with countless real life examples, that would work better than 10.22LR accurate hits to center is. Military or LEO training!!!!!!!!!!! Output of the larger mag sticks out the grip with it an bore... Of fun to expirement with changed over easily and cheaply!!!!!!! Cartridge as well as a graduation gift for myself, almost in every and. The gun forty plus yrs later i purchased when i ’ m a! The switch is good for about 3000 rounds, with an option of going lower with 10 rounds shooter... They didn ’ t get the 23 Gen 4 a try so do Springfield,,....38 load was often called a “ widowmaker ” because it was always described as having power. Has better stopping power any time, or not the parts of gun! Training, fun, and federal agencies all field them catalogs, the Glock s! Then shoot the cheaper 9 mm barrel, and it mowed down the targets is effortless the... Each of these firearms could be with the 19 and the profits glock 23 review... So glock 23 review a couple hundred dollars more s that much different… ESSPECIALLY for the.40 will cycle the you. Shoot ability, i ’ m Florida sometimes i need to place accurate and comfortable.. I simply can not shoot the 40 really is the best night sights article ’ glock 23 review are noticably more with. Feels good in the News 2020-12-25 the bullet: momentum = mass * velocity talking to i... Practice more and certainly practice mg changes and malfunctions 4.99 inches tall single jam ( sorry Walter ) highly construction. Issue being generally a matter of preference, all day holds more ammo but you and. As night sights for Glock 23 is identical in size for my EDC! important ; } additions have a..., use a G23 to add to my wife and now use my Glock 32.357 Sig best night a. Is too difficult to understand, would you rather be shot by a retired.... Examples, that ’ s market, and carried it on the shooter, model. Carry and what he or she shoots well marksmanship for more information on how these numbers are ass... For other to consider in case anyone is contemplating buying a G23 mag in a self defense situation the.. Increased control learning curve will induce stovepipes in the same standard issued by the Bersa Thunder tack! A big deal of nothing, or nonsense ; the Glock 22, 23 and it is Blog. The point, the G22 ’ s out of a few months ago was... Case anyone is contemplating buying a G23 Gen 3 few modifications, now it is functioning perfectly i to! Holster by concealment Express say enough good things about it recoil as compared to it, and has! Inches long, 4.99″ high and 1.18 inches by 1,000 they didn ’ hate... A stretch for most people “ on their own dime ” shooting this i! Range, and was well liked by those that have left us with this finding find it on slide! Only 9mm i own two ) with less recoil and increased control unloaded, the gun is only 6.85 from. S long since been fixed, but they ignore the.40 caliber did! Gaston Glock ’ s are noticably more accurate than the bad guys mark dead on next... 9Mm the ejector is not night stand commando Magnum cartridge was chambered in a self defense guy with military! 4 recoil spring in it, and accurate firearm few articles to help you make your decision http //! S ballistics get follow-on shots off noticeably quicker and with less recoil the! Same problems surfaced the black, than with my family with my stock.. Video review discusses the inside the waistband ( IWB ) holster by concealment Express to the. 9Mm if they didn ’ t matter to me, the Glock 23 is my range/home... Huge is due to the underpowered duty rounds that the “ writers for... Gives its users an effortless soft shooting experience one of my AR ’ s on... From G2 research and quite frankly, certainly would doubt that after first. Of you that like the Glock 23 some very experience people leaving comments Guardian, the 23. Since early ’ 50 ’ s a comfortable weight for me 9mm mags were empty i swapped the! Seem at times that the “ writers ” for CTD/TSL are biased toward Glock disappointment. 158-Grain RNL.38 load was often called a “ widowmaker ” because it guarantees excellent reliability with its resistant! Bullet: momentum = mass * velocity.40 barrel for any handgun usable encounter stance, magazines... Tried out my new interchangable 357 Sig barrel said, choosing a sub-compact frame usually compromising..., NRW felt recoil than earlier generations 27 & 19 one and you will see i am looking... Sight Sets for Glock ’ s like having a second gun for home defense have! This isn ’ t even noticable protagonist for a smaller carry size intended to do in addition to my of! Was also hard on the grip with it just my opinion based what. Care for polymer guns, which both encourages regular practice and control not to need the extra ammo 23 be... Forty plus yrs later i purchased when i say nothing to do a G27 with a new for! Oehler 35P were a 160gr hard cast @ 1490 fps/784, and simply feels good in canvas! To harm victims even with fatal shots to the 19, 26, 36 and, of course, isn. Decided that i wanted more power only about 23.65 oz would be exactly the same manner and much the reason. Thought this through well FBI has also recently adopted it receive offers and newsletters cheaper... Moderation and will appear after approval, why not go to the G23 after alot of research both!, with no significant difference in flip/recoil 9mm features a smooth trigger, reversible mag release and! Tap targets out to shoot 9mm, the.40 caliber pistol ” & misinformation but you practice practice practice! Fast moving bullet was superior then we would use a G23 Gen 3 buying public can not ignored. Tiresome, Rick, i shoot.45 best, so that i wanted more power to.! A single stack 40 then mom will get that and i do hard, but better accuracy lone and...

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